Cathy and Daniel



What a great way to end the new year, than to bring in the New Year by filming the most fabulous wedding party of the year.  Thank you to Cathy and Daniel for choosing us to film your wedding.



Cathy and Daniel  Featured in the above video not only received this as part of their package,   they received fully edited features of their entire day broken down into twenty different categories.  From “Getting Ready” to the “Outtakes”. They will be able to relive their wedding moments forever.  Let them tell you in their own words about their experience with us.

“Our kids are gong to love this!”  – Daniel 2013

Stellar Testimony Cathy and Daniel from Stellar Studios of VA on Vimeo.


We would also like send a special thanks to those that I worked with at the wedding who are not only true professionals and great people, but were skillfully talented as well.  The flower arrangements by Anthomanic were stunning, her flowers were not only beautiful, they were were arranged with style and purpose.  My friends over at Living Story Photography were delightful as ever.  I even had the chance to work with photographer Sara from Kitt Creative.  Everyone there were top shelf professionals.


So bonvoyage to 2012 and hello to 2013 in a big and powerful way for me here at VideoMann productions.  The past year was a great year for me.  My goal was to be able to bring on enough work to support not only myself, but enough to expand to the next level which meant I needed to bring on partners, and it happened.   The addition of our partners and equipment,  help us stay right on top with next level filmography and service.  Our style of video has changed slightly with the addition of our cinematic/journalistic approach in filming. We will still offer our same service but with our merger we now we have transcended to another level. Our goal is to make you the stars of your own personal movie.  So we make sure that movie is something that not only your friends want to watch, but their friends will want to watch too. To make this happen we know that the film has to be of stellar quality.  So check out… Stellar Studios by VideoMann.




To see a 45 minute highlight version of their wedding day view the following video.


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